i didnt take train

  • 6 December 2022
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the red circle day(december 30), I didnt take train. I just sit down inside the station and talked with my friends. But why did it reagard me taking train? It cant be possible.check it as soon as possible.


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No-the system registrates (just use brains-logic thinking) only what it can registrate- those checks. It cannot think or link to cameras that you were only sitting. And the rules (that have all been made in advantage of NS and against the traveller) say indeed that a checkOUT at same point later as 59 mins after checkIN will lead to this fine. You could have gone to Boxtel or Weert in that time too. Or you could have met those friends just outside the gates and chat= waaaaaaaaaaaay better in fact.

Before you get angry, better inform yourself first how it works-and yes, also many dutch people find it confusing and sometimes annoying to robbery-but that will not change it.

The only way now to try to rectify it is by calling the service centre-succes never garanteed.

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Hey noori. Welcome to the NS Community! 

That happens if you check out after staying on a station for more then an hour, the system thinks there should have been a trip but can't place it, so it'll default to the standard amount. I'd advise you to contact our customer service to have this corrected.