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  • 30 May 2021
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I took a train from Amsterdam Centraal to Maastricht on Friday but forgot to check out. How can I get a refund for the time lost?


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Hallo @Luisa Pedrosa,


You can get an refund on Your missed check out is normally within 14 days available.


After completing it, do not forget to load the balance on the ov-chipkaart at a ticketmachine.

If you use ns flex. Then you get the amount on your next invoice.

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The single full fare is 27,40.

On check in, without any special season or discount, 20 eur is taken from the card. Hence its in fact cheaper to just forget it.

You can do 10 or 12 forgotten check-ins untill the card gets blocked. But this is or may also be dependent on whichtrips and on which company.


I’m using ‘NS Flex Dal Voordeel’ card. Yesterday I took a train from Ede Wageningen to Etten Leur. And return back. But at the end of the first journey I forgot to checked out. How can I get a refund it? 

I couldn’t find any place in MijnNS. 

Can you help me?

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You can find all information here.


Remember a check in gives you a valid ticket and a check out is meant for paying the right price. When you forget to check out, you do also forget the right price. It can be corrected as long as it does not become a habit.