I have a problem with the NS card

  • 27 November 2022
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My card is constantly being debited with a large amount of fare money. But I can't drive or use the card. Why not?

3 reacties

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We don't know. You have to contact the customerservice by Phone, Facebook, Twitter or chat.

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Without more details we can only guess.

  1. What amounts are being debited? Is it the same each time?
  2. What descriptions are given for the amounts debited?
  3. Do you have a subscription and if so, which one?
  4. What subscriptions do you see in Mijn NS (on the website)?
  5. What do you mean by "can't drive or use the card”? What does it say when you try to check in?

But ultimately, if something's wrong, you need to contact customer service.

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Most likely-this is often the case-is that you did not do the checkIN and OUT procedures properly-as they should be done. This will cost you 20€ every time and after a certain nr of times the card will block.

Yes, we all know that here in NL it works a little different-and far more complicated-as in most other countries where they use chipcards for travel.

Next-much less often-reason might be a malfunction in the card.

IF the card is personal=with your foto+name on it, you can activate an account via mijnNS or via OV-chipkaart.nl and check what was registered-often this will explain a lot. Good luck with getting any overpaid money back!