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I have not received my personal ov-chipcard

  • 20 September 2021
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I applied for my personal Ov-chipcard two weeks ago but i have not received it yet. what should I do?


Beste antwoord door Thom 20 September 2021, 16:41

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It should have been there by now. Contact Customer Service. Actually these cards are supplied by ov-chipcard. It is way too late, three working days are normal.




I made a call 5-6 days ago and they said they will send me another one. But I have not received the second one too! I have to travel from Enschede to Eindhoven every week due to some personal chores and I pay about 60 Euros per week and that’s a lot for me. So I want to use the Subscriptions and I need my personal Ov-card but It’s been about a month that I have not received my card.

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Then most likely there is something wrong with your adress. DO check via ´mijnNS´ what is registered. Maybe you did move recently and forgot to change this in system?

OR maybe you live in some communal centre where the incoming mail is not properly distrubted to all the people living there?

It is entirely possible the OV-chipkaart has a different address registered as well. Please contact them again to double check.

Hey, I really need help in cases where my order went to the wrong address. How can I solve?