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  • 17 February 2023
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I am writing to inquire about the payment. 

  1. the invoice I recevied on 17Jan., Station Zuid to Centraal Station, €2.1*2, this was caused by maintenance, so i have to take it. I donot know if it is neccesary to pay.

Thanks in advance!


Beste antwoord door Stijn NS 17 February 2023, 14:00

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Good afternoon X.L. Li and welcome to the NS Community.

I'm afraid the Community cannot help you with specific questions about invoices. You can contact our Customer Service for this. They can be reached by phone, via Twitter, Facebook and chat. All the contact details can be found here.

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Seems like to took the 52 metro in 2022, which cost € 2,10

You shouldn’t have paid for that because there were open gates and mobile NS check-in/out poles.