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Issues in buying OV chipcard online

  • 27 May 2022
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I am trying to book an OV chip card past 1 week and I continuously get an error message saying technical issue because of this my email id got registered in first step and I get error message at the last step so it is asking for new email ID every time I log in.

Is there any Physical location where I can get 3 NS cards for my family ( 1 for my kid).Its getting rellay exhausting everytime to go through entire set of process only to get an error message. We are new to NL and please help. 


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Good afternoon Anuradha and welcome to the NS Community!

I’m sorry to read that you’re having these issues. If you're purely looking at getting an OV-chipcard, you can purchase anonymous ones at ticket machines you can find at trainstations. You won't be able to use any discount products or subscriptions on an anonymous card however. For that, you need a personalized card, which can be purchased via our website in combination with a subscription, or via the website of the OV-chipcard company.

As for the error, I would suggest contacting our Customer Service. Perhaps they can help you fix the problem. You can reach them by phone (030-7515155), via Twitter and Facebook, or you can start a chat conversation starten (option 'Chat with NS').