joint jurney discount not working

  • 27 November 2022
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Hello, my partner with a personal ov-chipkaart 3528050034798530 travelled with me (NS flex weekend advanced) and we selected the joint journey discount. 
The travel to the destination was with discount but on the way back, the charge on his card was full, without discount.

We’d like to understand why and if we can have money back.



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Your partner has he put Samenreiskorting on his card at a ticketmachine? That is for one ride. When you travel back you do need to place it on the card again. You need to check in within off-peak hours.

It is for a ride, not for a day.


There is a possibility to place Samenreiskorting 2x on the card. In that case you will have reduction when you go back as well.

You may ask Customer Service to have your money back, but I am not sure they will do so.

Indeed, we forgot to do it when she checked in on the way back. But there was time so she went back on the same station, at the machine, and selected the joint discount. Then she checked in again before actually take the train.