lost card and ticket friend

  • 9 April 2022
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I bought tickets with the 40% off because my friend had a student card but she lost it. Can I maybe get a refund since i cant use that ticket anymore

4 reacties

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There is no refund for an e-ticket when it is downloaded. You may have used it, it cannot be seen or checked, and in that  case you’d have a refund and travel free.  NS does not refund an e-ticket for that reason.

even if its bought for the 19th ? i bought it for the 19th so i havent use them

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No, because you can still use them the 19th, even when you have a refund. Your refund cannot be seen and it is still a valid ticket for the 19th. You can normally enter the station with it, even with gates. With a refund it means free travel. NS is not that foolish.

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Your Friend can buy a new OVcard.