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  • 1 December 2022
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Hi. I have a problem with my OV chipkaard. Today, I did a check-in at the NS pole of Tilburg Universiteit station at 13:25 and a check-out in Tilburg Central Station at 13:41. I can see both transactions at my NS app, however, the app states “Missing check-in/out” and “Not checked in or out” in both cases, and it seems that I will be charged with 20€, although this journey should cost 1.5€. I have also tried to request for a refund but no journey appears in my journey history, so no refund is possible (I mean the “missing check in/out” only appears in Transactions at NS app, not in the Journey History).


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Hey Victor_Gomez. Welcome to the NS Community!

I suspect that the system was a bit too quick to try and load in your checks, and that those checks should end up being a single trip. I'd advise you to wait a day or two at most and to then check it again if it's fixed itself. If it hasn't, I'd advise you to contact our Customer Service

hello I went to the Schiphole yesterday with NS and I changed my platform and train in Amersfort and its platforms was infront of each other and I did not need check in for that station but now I see a fine by checker about 13 o clock for yesterday for missing check in, how can I solve this issue?

I think that this fault because I put my card to the red part (toeslagen) and because of that my check-in is unrecorded here and caused a fine by checker, how can I fix this issue?

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Hi yara.dn,

Contact Customer Service by phone (030-7515155), chat, Facebook or X.