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  • 3 December 2022
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I received an e mail telling me that i have to pay 80 euros for the travels i made during the past month. I use NS flex product and i checked that the total price for my travels are far less than 80 euros. Although i did not received an invoice in order to understand this ammount. Is it possible to get an invoice? It must have been a mistake or i misunderstood something in the first place.


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6 reacties

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Hi Stathisdovas,

You can check the invoice in Mijn NS. You can find it under ‘My payments'.


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About anyone wondering we here have to point to this mijnNS-which as such should be rather evident. MUST open via site, cannot do via app-for many a in todays times a rather disappointing and incomprehensible way.

MOst often the reason for higher as expected charges are due to missed checkINs or OUTs or using a pass in peak hrs when one only has off-peak travel. With some trouble the former can usually be adjusted, the latter not.

Thanks for the replies!

In payment overview says that they are no invoices to check. Maybe the invoice will be availabe after the deduction of the money from my card? Idk..


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That's strange. The invoice should be available when you receive the e-mail.
Perhaps your subscription is not linked correctly to your My NS-account. You could contact Customer Service directly by phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook, to check this and they probably can fix that for you.

Hi, I have a question about my payment. I received the monthly bill email today. Why does it also require me to pay for October and November? Some travel history on this bill overlaps with the last month. Why I need to pay again?

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Journeys can take a while to show up and be processed, so older transactions can show up on next month’s bill, this is normal.

If you were really billed twice for the same journeys, contact Customer Service (phone or chat).