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  • 3 February 2023
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hi, I ordered NS products on 25/1 with the yellow card. But I have not received it by now. I was wondering when may I receive the card or if it is properly delivered.

By the way, I have tired to get intouch by twitter and phone, which i didn’t receive reply or can get into the line.





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Good morning niuniuer and welcome to the NS Community.

I'm sorry to read that you've not yet received your card yet. The OV-chipcard gets produced and mailed by the OV-chipcard company, which has an officialy delivery time of 7 days. Unfortunately they often have delays in the production, as seems to be the case in the last couple weeks as well. As NS, we are unable to speed up that production and delivery.

However, we may be able to help you in other ways. If you placed your order on the 25th of January, your subscription will have likely started on the 1st of February. We may be able to provide you with coupons so you can still use the purchased discount even though you haven't received your card yet. Unfortunately, the NS Community cannot help you with this, as this is a platform initially meant for travellers to help eachother, where they don't have access to your customer information. You will have to contact our Customer Service for this. It is rather busy on all our channels currently, so it's possible it will take some time to receive a reply.