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  • 13 August 2022
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Hi all,

Today, I bought online a Randstad Noord Zone subscription, 1 star for unlimited travel within the zone 1 of Amsterdam. I retrieved the product on a machine. On my account, I can see that the card has the product loaded, but when I tried to use it in the tram, it deducted the price of the journey, -1,22€. When I tried to use it later in the evening in a second tram, it didn’t work and the agent onboard scanned it and saw that my balance is negative (-1.22€). Am I doing something wrong? I was definitely in zone 1 both times.



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All zones have a 4 digit number, there is therefore no zone 1. For example, the zone number for the city centre of Amsterdam is 5700 and with a 1 star Randstad Noord Zone season ticket you are entitled to unlimited travel within that zone only.

Check whether both the departure and destination stated on your travel history are within your chosen zone using this tool (click on 'Show zones on the map first, then click on' Show map' and type in the stops in the search bar). Check if you have chosen the correct zone when you had ordered the season ticket. Also check whether the start date of your season ticket is correct. If all is correct, you can find contact details of the GVB customer service on their website.

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Zone 5700 ONLY covers city centre AMS-around 4 KM away from CS. Longer trips : you will have to pay the normal fare from zone-boundary till destination. It is NOT-never possible to do a valid checkIN with a card with negative balance.

In the GVB office near CS they still have-maybe behind counter-maps which clearly show how far the zones stretch