OV chip card lost and found on the same journey

  • 10 June 2023
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I thought I had lost my OV chip card on the train when the conductors came through so they issued an additional ticket with a wettelijke verhoging which I have now paid. But then I found my card hidden away after this had been issued and the conductor said I had to wait and pay the ticket and then contact customer support about a refund. Is a refund possible? Has anyone else gone through this (I can't be the only one) and what's the best way to get this sorted. I am currently abroad and cannot call customer service.


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This community is meant as a place where travellers can be helped by other travellers. We are not NS employees, so do not have access to customer data, nor can we arrange for reimbursements.

You should contact customer service directly for this. If you’re abroad, then this is probably easiest by chat (click the link Chat with NS on this page) or by sending a message on Twitter or Facebook.

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You are likely entitled to have the €50 surcharge reimbursed, keep the L×××××× (6 digit) number at hand when contacting NS Customer Service.

From abroad, you can call +31 30 751 5155 (at no extra cost from inside the EU).