OV Chipkaart in Apple Wallet

  • 13 oktober 2019
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In my opinion it would be a great idea to create a virtual OV-chipkaart that could be added to apple wallet, so you'll tap in and out your phone. This would work with NFC (Just like the actual post/gate readers so no need to update hardware at stations). Users could either load their existing OV-Chipkaart with a particular travel or an anonymous card straight from wallet/app, they could also buy an OV-Chipkaart straight from app and use it straight away.
Clear benefits would be:
  • Easier and more accessible (ticket machines aren't in all stations), tourists would appreciate as well
  • Reduce the amount of paper tickets and machines at stations... environment :))
  • The value in the card and recent trips could be seen straight from wallet app
  • More durable and reliable than ov-chipkaart, as the phone pushes the signal faster
A good example can be seen with the Suica card in Japan, where all of the above points are met: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207154

Allowing your bankpass is not a great idea due to privacy concerns ; different countries use different networks ; not everyone has a debit/credit card and not all countries issue contactless cards... Bank cards will create confusion in my opinion

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Good evening juanfer and welcome to the NS Community!

Two years ago, the producer of the OV-chipcard has already experimented with using cellphones as an OV-chipcard, via the NFC chip. You can read a little bit about it in this article, although it's only available in Dutch. Sadly, the experiment has failed, because of the then available technique not being advanced enough for an implementation on a nationwide scale.

There is a new system in development, or rather a successor, the 'OV-chipcard 2.0'. From what I could find in recent(ish) articles (sadly again only available in Dutch), it's supposed to also support payment via cellphones. What the current status is in this development I do not know.

I do like to add that the NS don't produce or develop the OV-chipcard. That's in the hands of the OV-Chipcard company, or Translink. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the OV-chipcard 2.0, you're best off contacting them.

Obviously you are free to discuss the subject on our Community though. 🙂

I really hope this will come soon although I doubt that NS/Translink or whoever is benefiting will not gladly give up on their business model of asking 7€ for a new OV (plastic!) chipkaart.

Waroom is Nederland en alle bedrijfen zoals de NS zoooo traag in het toepassen van technologie die al successful werkt inveelandere landen zoal USA, UK etc. Ik vind het echt teleurstellend dat een management van 2020 niet inzet om makkelijk beschrijbaar technologie te gebruiken! We kunnen al betalen met NFC met een krediet kaart en ik kan geen bus nemen?!?!?!