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  • 6 June 2022
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Hi! Im a tourist and would be needing to travel from schipol to amersfoort and then to utrecht, then amsterdam and also zaanse schans, volendam, marken. Can i just buy one OV card in amersfoort and use it throughout? Or must i purchase one new one in every different area? Thank you!


Hoi! Ik ben een toerist en zou van schipol naar amersfoort moeten reizen en dan naar utrecht, dan amsterdam en ook de zaanse schans, volendam, marken. Kan ik in amersfoort gewoon één OV-kaart kopen en die overal gebruiken? Of moet ik een nieuwe kopen in elk ander gebied? Dank je!

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The OV card is valid on all public transport throughout the Netherlands.

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It depends on which card you want to buy. OV is the Dutch abbreviation of ‘public transport'. U-OV is one of the companies providing such transport in the Utrecht-region. They also have their own subscriptions which are not valid in other regions.

If you buy a regular, anonymous ‘OV-Chipcard', it is valid in all regions, but you won't receive any discounts. If you plan to stay for a while, you might wanna consider buying a subscription. If you can tell us a bit more of your plans, we might be able to help you calculating the costs.

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There is NO CARD for all this-there may be 1 IF you can tell us more-esp. on how much time you need to do these trips, also if you want to go back to overcrowded airport. The Chipcard cost 7,50, you load money on it and then can use- it-at normal full fare-for all transportation, but this will also be the costliest option. A general touristy forum like tripadvisor has likely much more info geared to the ignorant visitors

Thank you for all your replies! My plan is to reach schipol airport around 1pm, travel to amersfoort (day 1).

Day 2: Travel from amersfoort to utrecht and visit places in utrecht, then return back to amersfoort.

Day 3: Amersfoort to amsterdam.

Day 4: Amsterdam to zaanse schans.

Day 5: Amsterdam to volendam, marken, edam.

What would be best? Thank you!


Bedankt voor al je antwoorden! Mijn plan is om rond 13.00 uur op Schiphol te zijn en door te reizen naar Amersfoort (dag 1). Dag 2: Reis van amersfoort naar utrecht en bezoek plaatsen in utrecht en keer terug naar amersfoort. Dag 3: Amersfoort naar amsterdam. Dag 4: Amsterdam naar Zaanse schans. Dag 5: Amsterdam naar Volendam, Marken, Edam.Wat zou het beste zijn? Dank je!
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For day 1-3, for the train rides I would probably buy just regular one way tickets and a return trip. 

You can purchase e-tickets online, those'll save you 1 euro per ticket compared to a ticket from a machine at a station. However, e-tickets are non-refundable.

Buying an OV-chipkaart is an option too. It's valid for basically all public transport. Valid for 5 years, costs 7,50 euro and you could save money on bus/tram trips you might need to make on days 1-3. Hard to tell. You could just make it easy for yourself and buy one, top it up and use it for bus/tram on days you won't be using public transport enough to buy a day ticket. Generally, using your OV-chipkaart is cheaper than a single ride on bus/tram. To use it on trains you need a minimum 16 euro balance to be able to check-in. It's not cheaper than an e-ticket for the train.

For day 2 it looks like you can use a U-OV day ticket for buses and trams in Utrecht for 6,50 euro. But I'm not very familiar with public transport in Utrecht.

Will you use public transport on day 3 in Amsterdam? Because if you do you could choose to buy a 3-day Amsterdam and Region Travel Ticket for days 3-5. You could also use an OV-chipkaart (for max. a few rides on day 3) and then a 2-day ARTT ticket for days 4 and 5.

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For day 4 and 5, the Amsterdam Region travel ticket is probably the most convenient option

ok Thank you for all the input!