OVpay Chip Card didn't arrived to my address yet

  • 30 May 2024
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Hi, i started a NS Flex Contract recently. It was like 1 week ago

When i made the NS Flex, they told me that im gonna get OVpay card very soon at my house so i can start use my NS Flex

The problem is, the contract started at 27th May and im still waiting for the card. I really need the card because i made this NS Flex to start use the trains. I paid 120€, and now im gonna pay all months without getting the card?

I have the number of the card on my NS Account if someone can help me



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Hello Rubernzom, welcome at our community,


I'm sorry you haven't received the OV-chipcard yet. Unfortunately, we are not the company that make or deliver the OV-chipcard. It is best to reach the customer service of the OV-chipcard. Their telephone number is 0900-0980. 

You can also contact our customer service. My colleagues can then send codes so that you can still use your subscription.