Problem using my yellow NS card

  • 22 October 2023
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My Name is Mehri Rostami and I've recently got a personal card with the number of <redacted> & expiry date of 11-10-2028.

On Friday Oct 20 that I went from Utrecht Centrum to Den Hag I had no problem punching in and going to Den Hag Centrum (with one extra stop at Leiden Centrum) but when I wanted to pay for the bus it didn't work and I had to use my general blue card. Returning back again my yellow card didn't work and I had to get a one way ticket from Den Hag Centrum to Utrecht Chetrum for 14.00 Euros. When I went to tickets Office to see what is wrong, they confirmed everything looks alright with my yellow card and asked me to call the customer service to get the refund for this 14.00 euros as they didn't know why I was unable to use it, assuming machine was not working.

Anyway as I am an international student I am unable to make a call to the number give to me (030 751 51 55) so I am writing to you to get help. Is there a way to help me with the refund and let me know if everything is alright for next month as I have to go to Amsterdam's  airport  on Nov 2 & come back on 12?

My phone number is <redacted>





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You can contact NS by the Internet without costs.


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Try +31 30 751 5155