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  • 25 May 2023
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On 22/05/2023, my son had a problem with his OV chipkaart and the check in did not work.


I could not ask for a refund online because I have reached the maximum of correction for this year ?!


If I have reached the maximum it is not my fault. It is because of NS.

Each time my son could not check in/uit because the doors at the station did not work or because of a strike !

So I want to be refunded . 

There is always something wrong at the station . So why should I pay for NS?!

I guess there will be more problems until the end of the year and each time I will not be able to ask for a refund. This is not normal.

Why should I pay 16.90 euros for a trip which cost 3.10 ?! 

Each time it takes me a lot of time to ask to uitcheckgemist then to you .

There is no way to contact NS. No email, chat not available, phone the same




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Good afternoon LiseB and welcome to the NS Community.

I'm afraid the Community cannot help you with your request, contact with our Customer Service is needed. It is currently rather busy so it's possible it takes a while for a colleague to assist you over chat or phone. You can also send a message via Social Media if you prefer. All contact details can be found here.

Good day. I have the same problem. No one seems to be responsible. It is not right to pay 20 euros where I have not even taken the train.