The last invoice in my OV Chipcard & Subcription

  • 19 August 2023
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Hi, I want to clarify something, please. 

I was on an exchange semester in the Netherlands and my semester ended at the beginning of July and I left the country.

I already notified you before leaving so as to close my account/number and end the subscription and you already did so.

I called you several times before and I informed you through the phone and the bank that everything will be closed once I am back in my hometown before even leaving thus I asked you to deduct my transportation expenses before my bank account is closed and I leave the country and you said that it's fine you will figure this out. I don't know what happened and what to do now since I am out of the Netherlands and there might be a miscommunication happening since I already left the country a while ago so I stopped using the NS card and I also informed you that so as to stop the card and the subscription and everything. So what is this new bill for? supposedly I should not receive any new bills. 

Thank you and waiting for you to fix this issue for me. 


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Good afternoon Farah Helal and welcome to the NS Community.

I'm afraid the Community cannot help you with this problem. It is a platform where travellers can help each other. They do not have access to your customer information.

You'll have to contact our Customer Service for this. They can be reached by phone, via chat or Social Media. You can find all contact details here.