How to cancel your subscription from abroad

  • 2 September 2015
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I am sorry to hear that you never got a response. Can you give me the number of your contract? It is written in your e-mail ('Referentienummer').
Dear Ns,

I have been trying to terminate the contract for 2 years now. i have blocked my OV (reported lost/stolen) however i couldnt reach NS call center since i m living abroad. I sent an email to aboutt his but i never received any response.

Also i dont have twitter account. Is there any other way for me to contact ns to email the proof my OV cancellation.

Thank you.
@Manuel: please contact OV-chipcard (@OVchipkaart or
@Lisa: you can also contact us through Twitter.
I am trying to cancel my card from abroad and it does not work. Customer service never picks up the phone!
I lost the card
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The expiration date is written on the card.
Hello, I want to cancel my car, but I can not add the card into the system because I dont know when this expires.