How to cancel your subscription from abroad

  • 2 September 2015
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@Asesari: there is not subscription in that number. Could you send me your card number through a private message (click on my name and Stuur bericht)?
@Ik13579: you can cancel your subscription per Facebook, Live Chat or per letter, and mention you wish to have the refund transferred to a diffferent bank account number. Keep in mind that Live Chat can be busy at some times.
@Wibke: please contact ( or 0900-0980) and ask them to either give you the information, or to cancel the card immediately.
Im having the same struggle as everyone above. I tried to register on the link you posted but in order to de-activate the ov kaart I first have to register it. For that I need to know the einddatum, which I dont know since i dont own this kaart anymore. My referentienummer is 10617352.
Hello, I got an email about my subscription being renewed in November. I didn’t know that because a Dutch friend helped me set it up and dealt with most of it. I registered my OV card on the website and tried to cancel it but it wants a Dutch bank account to refund the money. I don’t have one because I was a student and cancelled my student bank account before I left the country. Can I use a friend’s bank account even though the names on the OV and the bank account are different? I am also worried I will have a problem with my bank because I already received a payment reminder.

Another thing is that I don’t use twitter and I can’t call customer service after I cancel the card because of my phone plan. Can you help with that?

I am sorry for the situation, I was not aware of these things.
I am sorry to hear that you never got a response. Can you give me the number of your contract? It is written in your e-mail ('Referentienummer').

Sorry for the late reply,

My Referentienummer:

I really hope that you will be able to solve this. really appreciate it!
thank you and looking forward to be hearing from you.
For completion you can add the Live Chat option to OP for contact possibilities which might be easier for most customers as telephone can be very expensive. And maybe Facebook.

Or are those not allowed ?
I am sorry to hear that you never got a response. Can you give me the number of your contract? It is written in your e-mail ('Referentienummer').
Dear Ns,

I have been trying to terminate the contract for 2 years now. i have blocked my OV (reported lost/stolen) however i couldnt reach NS call center since i m living abroad. I sent an email to aboutt his but i never received any response.

Also i dont have twitter account. Is there any other way for me to contact ns to email the proof my OV cancellation.

Thank you.
@Manuel: please contact OV-chipcard (@OVchipkaart or
@Lisa: you can also contact us through Twitter.
I am trying to cancel my card from abroad and it does not work. Customer service never picks up the phone!
I lost the card
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The expiration date is written on the card.
Hello, I want to cancel my car, but I can not add the card into the system because I dont know when this expires.