How to cancel your subscription from abroad

  • 2 September 2015
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Hello LCerro and welcome to the NS Serviceforum.

I will look into your case. Can you send me a private message with your full name, (dutch former) postalcode and housenumber, your date of birth and the OV-chipcardnumber? You can send me a privatemessage by clicking on my name and chosing 'stuur bericht'. I'll be available to help till 22:00 CET today. If you message me later, I will look into it as soon as I can.
Hello Annewil,
I have the same issue as many people above. I was an exchange student between January and July 2016. Back then, I acquired a subscription. When I was notified that it would be renewed, I asked a Dutch friend to call NS for me and have it cancelled. She told me she did and that everything should be fine now. However, I kept receiving NS e-mails that said that I had a payment due. Today, received a Syncasso e-mail that says that I need to pay the subscription fee plus collect fees using a bank account (which I do not longer have). I tried doing what someone suggested previously and cancel my OV card. However, when I try to link my card to cancel it, the only option they offer me is to send a link code to a Dutch address (where I no longer live). Please, can you help me with this issue?
Nellig, you can contact the customer service through one of these options.
Hey nellig, I haven't received a private message from you yet. Did you already contact the Customer Service via phone or another way? If you still need help you can sent me a private message.
Hi nellig, welcome to the NS Serviceforum!

Don't worry! I will fix this for you. Can you sent me a private message by clicking on my name? In the private message I would like to see your initials, last name, date of birth, postal code and house number and if you know it the OV-chipcardnumber. I will see what I can do for you!
Wow i'm really worried looking at all of these messages.. I have a similar problem to all of you. I bought the subscription while I was on Exchange in the Netherlands and cannot cancel my subscription because I am from Canada and I threw my card out when I left... I tried to make an account to report it as lost but it requires an expiration date and I don't know what it is because I no longer have the card. Is there any way I can cancel the subscription from abroad? I cannot call customer service.
I can check that for you. Please click on my name and send me a private message with your personal details, date of birth and ov-chipcardnumber.

EDIT: Due to the arrears the contract has been terminated.

I have a question. Like many others, I did not cancel my annual subscription on time and the syncasso email has arrived. This is where I get a doubt. When I pay the debt, is my old subscription still valid? I will travel to Holland in June for vacations and it would be good to have it (at least something good from my mistake). I already canceled the contract for facebook, but it was not clear to me if the subscription could be use in June.

Thank you!
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Remember Klaas-Jan is not always working and present. Contacting Customer service may be a better idea.
I have the same question as well and sent a private message to Klaas-Jan.
Hi W_A. Please click on my name to send me a private message with the details. I will have a look.

Dear Klass,

Thank you for the response. A private message with details was sent.

Hi W_A. Please click on my name to send me a private message with the details. I will have a look.
Dear NS administrator :

I have cancelled my card earlier this month (ref: 5034952797), everything is great and I have to say thank you for the support. However, it seems the cancellation effective date is later than the renewal date (3rd of Jan 2017, 20th of Dec 2016 respectively), this result in another payment reminder today (15-12-16; NS 20428198).

Should i worry about this new reminder message? or it will be ok after the cancellation date (3rd of Jan, 2017)?

Thanks for the notice

Dear S101, i'm sorry to read that.
Please send me a private message with your initials, full name, zipcode, housenumber, date of birth and OV-Chipcardnumber than i will check what i can do for you.You can send me a message when you click on my name and 'Stuur bericht'.

I am also facing the same issue as above. I have block my OV-Card and not asked for replacement and I have to cancel the subscription with the help of some moderator I am not able to reach the telephone number given above.

I request any moderator to help me at the earliest, thank you.
Good morning Dino,

I assume that you only ended your OV-chipcard itself. You can end you subscription via our customer service. From abroad the easiest way to contact us is via Twitter, Facebook or live chat.
Dear NS,

In September I moved out from the Netherlands, and so I cancelled my OV subscription.
I received a form, I filled it in, I sent the old card back and you returned me the money that still was on on my account.

Unfortunately, few days ago I discovered that you still deduced 50,00€ from my bank account,
for my OV-chipkaart abonnement!!
(now I don't even have the card anymore)

How can I prevent your system from further deductions? And how can I get this money back?


PS: I tried to call your klantenservice via skype, but it seems it does not read the dial pad of skype, so I could not access the desired services...
Dear undubundu, thanks for your question.

You can follow the steps Sivan NS gave in the first comment of this topic to terminate the subscription!
Dear NS,

I studied in the netherlands from sept 2015 to febr 2015 and i had a Dal Vordeel discount on my personal ov chipkaart. In august i got an email that my subscription will continue from september again and the cost will be 50 euros. I sent an email to NS Service that i came back to my home country in February and i dont need this subscription anymore and you said that the only way, to cancel the subscription is to go to the netherlands and at a ns machine i cancel it, maybe one of my friend does this or i send my card to you.
unfortunatelly i lost the card so i cannot do these options.
i got a letter about a week ago that said i have to pay 50 euros because of the renewal subscription. After this i found this forum and i see now that i could write to you on this forum and you could have helped me...
Now i am disappointed that you did not informed me well, and it seems that i need to pay 50 euros.
Can anyone help me to cancel the subscription and solve the payment problem?
The subscription is cancelled, but a credit of 50.00 EU is been transferred. So now a debet of 50.00 EU is in place. I explained everything in a private message.
I can't promise anything, but please click on my name and send me a private message with your personal details and if possible the ov-chipcardnumber. I will have a look at is later today.
Hi Klaas. Thanks for your response.

I lost my ov chipkaart and did not request for a replacement. I have reported the lost to ov chipkaart few weeks before cancelling my subscription. I have told the NS customer service as well and he told me that I did not need to do any further steps after calling NS.

This is such a nuisance. Could you please help me to cancel the bill?
Hi Mutia. I'm sorry to read this. In order to cancel your subscription permanently you have to confirm this with the ov-chipcard at a ticketmachine. Was this step taken?
Please cancel your ov-chipcard via the ov-chipcardcompany or Twitter. After that is done i can cancel your subscription.

You can report your card as lost or stolen. Do not apply for a new one.
Dear NS,

As of 19 September 2016 I have ended my abonnement with NS, with confirmation e-mail sent by NS on 11 September 2016. This is done because I have moved abroad and will not be coming back to the Netherlands. I have given NS also a friend's account number to RETURN EUR 4.10.

BUT on 19 October 2016, I received another e-mail saying that my dal vordeel abonnement will be renewed and EUR 50 will be TAKEN from my friend's bank account on 24 October 2016. On 24 October 2016, I contacted NS via chat to end my subscription (which I did not request). I received another confirmation from NS that the subscription has ended. My friend is closing her bank account and it is said that she had an outstanding payment to NS in November (which by then her account will be closed).

To sum up my problem:
1. My subscription is renewed without my permission.
2. I do not live in the netherlands anymore.
3. Subscription fee is taken later than promised making terugboeken not possible.

Please do something to cancel the bill. My referentienummer is 10204424.


Dear Porto2016, i'm sorry to read that you're having some problems with this.
You can cancel the subscription via the contact information that is given in this topic. It is possible to do this via Twitter, Facebook or by phone. Concerning the payment, it is not possible to make an payment arrangement. Please inform about the payment when you speak to one of my colleagues.