How to cancel your subscription from abroad

  • 2 september 2015
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Hi Sivan,

I already sent the message on OV chipkaart website about my losing OV-Card and I don't want to get a new one, I want to cancel it. I did see them accepted my request on the website and terminated it . But now NS sent a mail and ask me to pay 50 euro before 24 Nov. I already came back to my country. The service just never pick up the phone and I don't have a twitter. Can you help me to solve this problem?

Thank you so much.
Yiwen, after canceling the card you also need to cancel the subscription, by contacting NS.

Could you give me the reference number of the contract?
Good morning,

I tried to follow the instructions you gave to cancel the subscription. However, I didn't add a car while I was living in the Netherlands and now I cannot. It says: The combination of date of birth and postal code is unknown.

Is there any other possibility to cancel the card?

You can contact them per Twitter (@OVchipkaart) or per form ( or
Hello Sivan,

I already did step 1, but in step 2 when i am reporting my card lost or stolen i have to fill in my date of birth and postal code. I don't have any more a postal code from the nethelards and in my home country we do not have or use that. What should I put there? It says all the time The combination of date of birth and postal code is unknown. Please try again.

Please help me, I need to cancel my card and terminate my subscription as soon as possible

Thanks in advance
I understand, but this means your information is registrered differently at Customer Service OV-chipcard. We do not have access to this information. That is why I offer you to contact them differently.
I have been trying to cancel-terminate-and remove this card nothing is possible. I contact the NS people by twitter not much help they just send me to this forum. I tried to cancel the card they ask my for a dutch bank account which I do not have because I left NL 6 months ago and since then I have been trying to cancel without any success. Now they keep sending me email and notifications to my personal email and I did not know the suscription was automatically because all their email were in my junk file.What can I do to remove this card??? I am trying to send a message but they need many things from NL that I do not have any longer like my phone number.
Lorena, we cannot do this for you. As mentioned a few comments earlier, you can also contact them per Twitter (@OVchipkaart) or per form ( or
Hi! I just received an email from NS telling me that my ov-chipkaart will be renewed for next year and the 50euros will be collected from my account on December 3rd. As I understood from your previous replies to other comments, NS sends a warning mail several weeks before the renewal. However I NEVER received such and email and had no idea that the renewal is automatic. I am also abroad, so what can I do at this point?
Marianna, the information given in this topic applies to your situation as well. Please follow the steps mentioned in the first comment.
Marianna, the information given in this topic applies to your situation as well. Please follow the steps mentioned in the first comment.
Thank you for your fast response!
Hi, I am in the same situation as many other people here. I have sent my card to a friend in the Netherlands so he can terminate the subscription (hopefully next week) that was automatically renewed (without my knowledge) at the end of September. However, I would like to know if I still have to pay the 90€ asked for by Syncasso? Syncasso is asking that I pay before December 3rd.
Thank you!
That depends on which information you were given. Could you give me the reference number of the subscription?
Thank you for your answer.
I think it is: 9815574.
You called us 26.11.2015 (yesterday) and my colleague explained to you that you need to cancel the card and contact us again after 5 days. This means you still need to pay the amount of € 90.00 to Syncasso. After cancelation, a refund of the remaining months will be transferred to you.

Apparantly you sent the card to a friend, so I therefore terminated the subscription for you. Please ask your friend to deactivate the product within two weeks.
Thank you for your answer.
My friend will deactivate the product next week (it is possible to do so at a ticket machine, right?).
How should I proceed to get the refund after cancelation?
Yes, that is correct. He can hold the card in front of the reader. Go to 'Mijn bestellingen' and here he will find the deactivation. The refund will be transferred automatically, 2-3 weeks after the deactivation.
Hi I have terminated my card but is it possible to assist in the termination of the subscription of the travel advantage programme as I am still being charged but I am no longer in Netherlands . My OV chip card number is ****. Thank you.
Hi Joey. I sent you a private message regarding your subscription.
Dear NS customer service,
I'm Thao Nghiem, OV chip card registered number *******. I used to purchase the 40% discount train service from NS in 2014 and 2015. However, I left the Netherlands in August 2015, so I called the customer service to cancel the discount package, and was confirmed by the telephonist that my service was terminated. I verified the cancellation by the fact that I could not use my OV chip card for either tram or metro on the day I left the country.

Unfortunately yesterday I received an email from Syncasso stating that I still have to pay for the 2016 annual fee. The reference number is 6042161. I get really confused and irritated. Can you please explain why I receive this email? And instruct me how to solve the problem?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
With best regards,
Thao Nghiem.
Hi Thao. Did you read the topic? Please follow the instructions mentioned. This means you need to cancel the card first. Two days after doing this, please let me know. I will then cancel the subscription and inform you about the remaining amount that needs to be paid.
Thanks Sivan for your swift response.
I have just received an email confirming the termination of my subscription.
It means I still need to pay the amount to Syncasso and wait for the refund right? One additional problem is I already cancelled my Dutch bank account, therefore can you please show me how I can provide my friend's bank account for receiving the reimbursement?
Many thanks,
Thao, did you tell NS that you left The Netherlands? If not, you probably still need to deactivate the product.

If you'd like, i will check your contract tomorrow for you, to give you more detailed information.
Thank you Sivan,
Please check it and let me know any relevant information.
Dear NS,
my problem is similar to thaonghiem's. I've left the Netherlands one year ago and unfortunately something went wrong with the deactivation of my 40% discount. I discovered it was indeed not deactivated, and today I received an email from Syncasso about a due payment of 90 euros, referring to my old personal informations like my Dutch address and my Dutch bank account that I deactivated ages ago.
I've never used the NS card since I've left your country, that is way before the subscription renewal and I would rather avoid paying a fee for a misunderstanding.

Now, I have terminated my card from the ov chipkaart website. I would kindly ask you to deactivate my 40% discount offer. Is it possible? Thanks in advance. I'm eager to provide my card's details for the deactivation, as soon as you request them.