How to cancel your subscription from abroad

  • 2 September 2015
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Hi, thanks for the reply!

i did follow the instruction in the first place, but as I said it asks you for the dutch IBAN at some point and I do not have a dutch bank account. If I asked my friend again for his IBAN and I blocked the card, Is there any chance to get the charged amount back? I'm very upset about the charge i hope there's a solution.
Thanks again for the quick reply
hold on, this is what the email says :
De incasso van € 50,00 zal omstreeks 12 oktober 2017 van rekeningnummer XXX ten name van XXX plaatsvinden.

Does that mean I will not be charged if I block the card now?

Thanks again for the quick reply[/quote]
If you can't follow steps 1 and 2, than I would advise you to contact the OV-chipkaart company. You can also use the IBAN of your friend of course.

If you completed these steps than you can contact us (NS) to look at your situation and help you. I wouldn't be able to tell you whether or not you can cancel before the payment. If you follow these steps, than we can give you the verdict when you contact us 🙂. Don't forget to sent us your initials, surname, date of birth, postal code, house number, emailaddress, OV-chipcard number and IBAN, when you contact us 😉.
Just to make sure, this dutch line says the charge will take place at 12 of october, so there's still a chance?

i managed to block the card, how can I contact you with my personal details?

thanks a lot, that's a big relief, im glad received this email on time.
It does translate in: the charge will take place at 12 of october. If it's possible to prevent payment has yet to be looked at. It depends on your situation which we can assess when we get your information in 2 days through the channel of your choice, mentioned a few times in the previous comments above.
I thought you meant calling on the phone is necessary only when I can't block my card. But it's alright, will do.
Al meer dan 4 jaar geleden abbonement opgezegd en jullie blijven maar geld afschrijven van mijn vrouws rekening en aanmaningen sturen en dreigen met incassobureaus. Gelieve jullie administratie beter bij te houden. Wordt een beetje vervelend.....:?
Ons kenmerk:
Welkom op het NS Serviceforum Johannes. Dit is niet het juiste topic voor jouw vraag, maar ik help graag verder zodat we dit hopelijk kunnen afsluiten. Wanneer je op mijn naam klikt kun je een privébericht versturen. Noteer daarin NAW-gegevens, geboortedatum en ov-chipkaartnummer. Alvast bedankt.

EDIT: Ik heb het abonnement beëindigd.
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Just adding my 2cents of frustration here, since i now have to pay another month of a subscription i cancelled. This got to be the worst and obscure mechanism ever for a digital system. Why on earth can you not just cancel or even change the subscription when you go through the steps on NS.NL ? The part about having to physically go to a kiosk on a station to "confirm" a change such as this is just absurd. Come on NS, get with the program.
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I understand your frustration with that system; plenty of topics have been dedicated to this topic as well. We are currently revising a lot of procedures that seemed unchangeable at first but with time have undergone major changes. Currently, f.e., we are looking for ways to accept credit card payments as a way of ordering a contract online. We are still in the middle of this process, but know that we do try to be as modern as society wants us to be. This does not come easy, as many parties are involved and the change has to be secure.

As for your problem: when you order a contract, you agree with the ways this contract was built in the terms and conditions. Canceling a contract is (for now) only possible by going to the card machine (or a balance machine) and accepting the cancellation there. If you cannot pick up the cancellation, you can contact our customer support to look into the work-around. I advise you to do the same, if the former applies to you.
Dear NS,

I have a question: I'm going to start to work in Amsterdam, and live in Rotterdam. I'm going to apply for an annual fixed route subscription, but that's the cheapest. But the contract is 7 months long, and i'm not sure if the company is going to renew, or i want to renew it. Is it possible to cancel the annual subscription after 7 months?


Hi David Schmidt,

If i understand you correctly you would like to apply for the Traject Vrij subscription. It is not possible to cancel this subscription in the first year of the contract. But, the Traject Vrij subscription is also available in a monthly subscription. In the case that your contract at work is only for 7 months this is probably a better option. Here you can find more information.
Hi Miriam,

Thank you for the fast response! I'm aware that a monthly subscription exists, but it's 80 euro more expensive per month, compared to the annual ticket it's 560 euro in 7 months!! I posted my question in this topic, because likely i wil move from the Netherlands after that 7 months. So if understood correctly, there is no way to cancel my yearly Traject Vrij subscription, even though it gives me no value if i change my location.. Well, that's not the most convenient, i must say.
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I'm going to start to work in Amsterdam, and live in Rotterdam. I'm going to apply for an annual fixed route subscription, but that's the cheapest. But the contract is 7 months long, and i'm not sure if the company is going to renew, or i want to renew it. Is it possible to cancel the annual subscription after 7 months?
I would recommend an NS Flex Altijd Vrij subscription. The price of an Altijd Vrij subscription is equal to that of a Traject Vrij subscription for the trajectory between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, but it allows for free travel thoughout the entire country. The new NS Flex proposition allows you to end the subscription on any day after the first month has passed.

Deze brief is geschreven door mijn Nederlandse vriend, die ik tijdens mijn verblijf in Nederland heb leren kennen.

Mijn naam is Ana en ik kom uit Colombia. Ik heb een jaar lang gewerkt als au pair in Nederland, tot april 2018. Inmiddels ben ik weer terug in Colombia.

Omdat ik veel moest en wilde reizen, heb ik in juni 2017 via een promo een NS Daluren Voordeel-abonnement afgesloten van 29 euro voor een jaar. Echter, wist ik niet dat het hier ging om een doorlopend abonnement, omdat ik de Nederlandse taal niet spreek, lees of begrijp.

Ik was zelf in de veronderstelling dat het abonnement automatisch zou worden stopgezet.

Nadat ik vandaag een Nederlandse email kreeg, heb ik aan mijn vriend gevraagd wat erin stond. Het abonnement blijkt dus door te lopen en nu zou ik 50 euro + 40 euro incassokosten moeten betalen binnen 8 dagen!

Ik kan ook aantonen dat ik weer terug ben in Colombia.

Ik wil dan ook vragen of het volledige bedrag kwijtgescholden kan worden en het abonnement stopgezet kan worden vanwege bovenstaande reden(en). Daarnaast kan ik helemaal geen gebruik maken van dit abonnement, aangezien ik niet meer in Nederland woon.

Ik hoop op uw begrip.

Met vriendelijke groeten,


voor meer info (referentienummer etc.) graag even contact opnemen aub
Hallo Kramps, begrijpelijk dat je dit abonnement op wilt zeggen. Ik wil je adviseren even contact op te nemen met mijn collega's via Facebook of Twitter. Zij kunnen je aan de hand van je gegevens verder helpen. Het is ook geen probleem om dan in het Engels een bericht te sturen.
Hello, I want to cancel my car, but I can not add the card into the system because I dont know when this expires.
Good day,

I have moved back to my home country ten days ago which is earlier than I planned. On November, I have already called NS Customer Service to end my Dal Voor Deel on 13th December, which is today. However, I still receive the renewal contract which I must pay 50e for the next year subscription.

Would it be possible to end it from abroad without phone call and cancel the next year subscription?
I bring the ov chipkaart with me.

Thanks in advance for your help
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The expiration date is written on the card.
Dear Uhasanah, i would advice you to contact my colleagues via Facebook or Twitter. They can arrange this for you.
I lost the card
I am trying to cancel my card from abroad and it does not work. Customer service never picks up the phone!
@Manuel: please contact OV-chipcard (@OVchipkaart or
@Lisa: you can also contact us through Twitter.
Dear Ns,

I have been trying to terminate the contract for 2 years now. i have blocked my OV (reported lost/stolen) however i couldnt reach NS call center since i m living abroad. I sent an email to aboutt his but i never received any response.

Also i dont have twitter account. Is there any other way for me to contact ns to email the proof my OV cancellation.

Thank you.
I am sorry to hear that you never got a response. Can you give me the number of your contract? It is written in your e-mail ('Referentienummer').