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  • 25 May 2023
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I've got this problem: on 15-16.04 I've rented an OV fiets using card ***** and the amount of 4.45 was debited from it.

But after that I've received an invoice *********  that is asking me to pay again 4.45 for OV-fiets that was rented on 15-16.04.

I will refuse this debit request but I want you to cancel that invoice too.



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You should not refuse the debit request and pay this amount. Rental costs for OV-bikes are always withdrawn from your bank account each month and never paid for with the credit on the card that is used to rent it. The card is only used for registration purposes.

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Hi LucianD,

The rent of an OV-bike is never debited from the card itself. It's always charged on an invoice.

but the transaction is on the travel history of that OV chipcard


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Yes, because you used that card to rent it. But the costs were not withdrawn from the balance on that card.

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If you look at the card’s transactions at a machine or via a Mijn OV-chip account, you will see that OV-fiets (or anything concerning bicycles) is not shown. It’s a different system that only uses your card number to determine it’s you (and your right to rent an OV-fiets).

The info in Mijn NS is for your information that an invoice with € 4,45 for rental will follow later.