Have not got my OV chip card

  • 26 November 2022
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I booked a card on 18 November 2022 and the reference number of my order is: R01_0217764369. As planned, my OV-chipkaart will be delivered to my address before 25 November 2022. However, I have not got my card. I wonder how to solve this problem. Could you please help check my order?

Beste antwoord door Daniël NS 26 November 2022, 11:22

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No, this will not happen. Complaints like yours are very, very often reported here the last 4-5 monthes. Can be due to either the production or the mail (is also often slack here in NL now-also staff shortages). In most cases the card just lands in the mailbox 1 - 2 -3 days later as promised.

I assume you have ordered this with a type of subscription on it? In such a case contact service and they can give you either codes or other ways so that you do not pay more for single tickets as you would have to pay for this subscription.

However-another possible reason may also be that the adress you provided was not correct (postal code etc-perhaps unusual if you are not used to Dutch ways). AND-if you happen to be a foreign student living in a communal house-that may also be the explanation-all mail in a big common tray.

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Hey daqingchong. Welcome to the NS Community. 

There have been issues with TLS (The company responsible for card delivery) not delivering the cards in time. You can contact us for a temporary alternative as stated by bahnrider and you can also contact TLS directly to ask about the status of your card by calling 0900-0980.