"NS Flex Weekend Voordeel" - no discount

  • 16 September 2022
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Hello everybody,

I recently the “Weekend Vordeel” (40% discount during weekends) a few days ago. Everything has gone smoothly with the payment and the app and I can now see it as an active montly subscription. I also went and loaded the product onto my personal OV-Chipkaart. I want to purchase an e-ticket for a journey I'm planning to do this Sunday, but I cannot see the option to buy the ticket with a 40% discount, as I should be able to do with this subscription. Can anybody please explain what I should do, maybe I'm missing something, as other people I know have this option available when purchasing an e-ticket.


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You need to travel by checking in and out with the OV-chipcard that has the NS Flex subscription on it. At the end of the month you will receive an invoice for all the journeys you made that month, and for train journeys made in weekends the discount fare will be applied.

It is not possible to buy an eticket to travel with the subscription discount. The only eticket that one can buy with discount is the one for combined travel discount, but that can only be used by someone travelling together with a subscription holder during off-peak hours, not by the subscription holder themself.