• 30 January 2023
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I received an email about a Correctietarieven for 50 euros. I dont understand why, i am an international student and it is the first time that i use the card. I didnt know that i have to check in to have the discount. I am apologise about this, but i have tickets for myself and for my parents. I pay to you normally, but i am not check in. I am sorry, but i have to pay for something that i didnt know that i have to do? Now, i know it and i do it in my travels with NS train. Also, i try to put in the offer of free weekends the offer of 40% discount, but now i see that the offer of free weekends are not in my NS card. Is it true? If it is, please help me because i want the 40% discount on days and the offer of free weekends as well. I think i made a mistake while i was trying to put the 40% in the offer of free weekends( that i already had it from November). Thank you. 

2 reacties

I pay to you normally, but i am not check in. 

That's not allowed.

Welcome to our NS Community, Mikarriba. I understand that now you know how it works with checking in and -out. This is also the reason for the correctietarieven. Please get in touch with customer service, so that they can help you with those. And if you are then in touch with them anyway, please ask them about your season ticket and what exactly it is that you want. They can arrange that for you.