Reizen op Rekening Trein? Question

  • 22 January 2019
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Hello, I'v recently ordered my personal card and soon after I got it i purchased NS Flex Always Benefit (Altijd Voordeel) subscription.

None of my travels were charged yet, instead there's a Reizen op Rekening Trein under my check ins/outs. Can you explain me what does it mean and why I'm not charged?

Also, are there any limitations within Altijd Voordeel subscription? Or I can use it as many times in a month as possible?



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The costs incurred when travelling with NS Flex are billed via a monthly invoice. See this page. During the month you can see for each trip the amount you will be charged for at the end of the month in your travel history in Mijn NS.

There is no limit to the amount of trips you can make with Altijd Voordeel. If you trabel by train, you will always receive a 20 percent discount on the full fare if you check in during peak hours and a 40 percent discount on the full fare if you check in during off-peak hours. You can also travel with buses, trams and metros, but for those trips you will be charged the full fare at the end of the month.

Hi. Question. I just purchased dal vrij yesterday. And since yesterday whenever i check in and check out either train bus or metro even the supplement for the intercity direct. It always says that reizen op rekening. What does it mean? I didnt avail does? How can i cancel it? I just need the dal vrij. Thankyou in advance

Good afternoon Ann villota and welcome to the NS Community!

When you've travelling with an NS Flex subscription, the ‘Reizen op rekening’ is the product that gets charged on your OV-chipcard, which will then be the product you will always see when checking in. The price of the trip is calculated later in the NS Flex system. So in short, it showing ‘reizen op rekening’ is correct. :)

Hi , i have an abonement "weekend vrij" like 31euro per month. I applied for no saldo needed "authomatic saldo" so everytime time i checking in , it showing "reizen op rekening" i want to stop the " authomic saldo" how can i do that? 

I cannot see all the figure of my factuur. I dont know why i paid too much. 

So, i want to stop the authomatic saldo. Please help me. Thank you. 

Good afternoon Mar1. If you're purchased an NS Flex subscription, the automatic reloading should be turned off automatically. With NS Flex, you don't make use of balance on the card any more, so there's no need for automatic reloading either. If you turned it on manually after the NS Flex purchase, you can turn it off again via the OV-chipcard compay and your Mijn OV-Chip account:

As for you invoice, if you need help with it you can always contact our Customer Service.

Hi , thank you for the help.  

I have all the details that i needed in my ov card.  . 


Hi purchased NS flex dal vrij €106. I do not see charges on my chip cards home page. I am worried that I may be charged in addition to the monthly payments I make.  Could you please explain this to me.

Welcome to our NS Community, Valiant. I read that wrong, see Robert B's post for your answer.

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With NS Flex, you will see no costs when looking at your transactions on the ov-chipkaart website or app. This is because ov-chipkaart doesn't know which NS Flex subscription you have.

You can see the costs (€ 0,00 or other amount for peak hours and bus/tram/metro) in Mijn NS Reishistorie.