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  • 22 November 2022
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Hi, On 18 November, I made a mistake and checked in with the wrong company at Heerlen train station. Then I realized that and checked out and checked in again At Eindhoven central station. How can I fix it?


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What type of card do you have? Blue=anon or with your foto+name on?

With blue: can only do via, but in -its all still a bit unclear- a missed checkIN you have to call. It looks like Ehv was only intermediate and you travelled onward? That makes it a lot more complicated and you did not do a wise way.

With a personal card: first (after activating it first-via site, not via app on fone): mijnNS will have details and may offer some ways to fill in missed checks. But again a missed checkIN-you have to call service centre.

BUT you also must have a missed checkOUT for ARRIVA=the only other company in Heerlen, this must also be corrected and can only be done via ARV or via that site.