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  • 9 December 2022
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On the 6th of December, I have used the bus (20) from Veldhoven, Strijpsebaan to Veldhoven MMC. It seems on the system that I have forgot to check out. I want to get a refund on the transaction because I have just used the but to Veldhoven MMC but I was charged 8.00 Euros for the travel. I tried to request refund online but it says " You can only submit claims in Mijn NS for transactions in which NS was the carrier.". I do not understand what is the problem here. Can you help me get a refund ?


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Good afternoon Deniz Oztunc and welcome to the NS Community.

The error you're getting is the exact reason why you can't correct this via us. This was a bus trip, which is done by a different operator. You should be able to correct it via

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If the bus ride shows up in Mijn NS, you have NS Flex.

The boarding fee for bus 20 should be € 4,00, apparently the system is missing two transactions. Wait a few days, most likely it will sort itself out.