Stolen card with subsctiption

  • 21 November 2023
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Hi, I'm quite confuse with the payment. So, several days ago, my card was stolen and I immediately terminate the card, but from the email, they still charge it with the subscription (around 109 Euro) and I ask them to cancel the subscription fee (99 Euro), they will cancel it but only give back 82 Euro (but I haven't even use it at all). Does that means I still pay like 27 Euro? Because my friends who didn't lost the card and only.cancel the subscription get back the full price and only pay like 5-10 Euro


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Hi Zilong1 and welcome to the NS Community.

Mostly it depends on the date that you started your subscription. If you choose to change or terminate it on another day of the month (or year if you have a yearly subscription), the upfront payment will only be refunded partially. You and your friend will only get the same refund if you order and terminate the same subscription on the same day. Also, a subscription is not automatically terminated once you block your OV-chipcard. It remains active until you stop it yourself. If you want to have your personal situation checked, it's best to contact our customer service.