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  • 25 October 2021
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Dear Ns team,
First of all, thank you for providing great support which makes our daily travel so easy.
I am a student who lives in Venlo, but studies at Maastricht University. From what I have experienced in the past 2 months, I think this issue has existed for a long time. The transition time at Roermond is not enough. This morning, I took the train  "Venlo-Roermond". On schedule, it arrives at 9:25. However, due to the delay, it arrives at 9:27. The train from Roermond to Maastricht has changed its schedule today without any notification. Usually it leaves at 9:30 or 10:00 and etc, where I have 5 minutes for transition theoretically, but practically I always have like around 2 minutes to transit due to the delay. Now, even though the train arrives at Roermond exactly at 25, I cannot catch the train to Maastricht, due to the delay or the platform difference. I think on behalf of most of the workers, students and other travellers, we need a 5 minutes transition time. 2 minutes is not enough.
Same situation when I travel back to Venlo from Maastricht, I cannot catch the train due to the short transition time a lot of times. The train from Maastricht to Roermond arrives at 13:01, 13:31 etc. The train from Roermond to Venlo leaves at 13:03, or 13:33, where we also have only two minutes to transfer. This is too short and makes us have a lot of time to wait for the next train.
On Behalf the students, workers and other travellers who take this journey, I kindly request to change the train schedule a bit to make us have a 5 minutes window to transfer.

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Hi NS enjoyer, and welcome to the NS Community!

I'm glad to read your experience with our Customer Service is so positive!
However, what a shame you then experience this transfer to not be enough time every day you travel. I can understand how frustrating that must be.
I am going to take your suggestion and put it through to the people that might be able to make a difference. No promises however! The scheduling is very intricate, and not everything is possible unfortunately.

Of course, I have my fingers crossed for you!

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The IC to Mstr has to give connection in Sittard-very narrow-to the ARV train to Heerlen, in 2 mins. If it runs later, this is missed.

The ARV trainlet from Venlo is going to be electrified in near future making shorter trip times possible. But its single track, so trains have to pass on designated few stops only. Some time ago arrival in Rmd and dep back was extended as delays on the rest of that line were too great. In fact the province Limburg who contracts ARV rather wants you also to use the ARV tiny train all the way-they may be linked up when its all electric-or by that time there may be another contratced operator.

Next week there will be big works on Eindhoven-Roerm with no trains-replacement bus and hence also other train times.

The train arrives at Roermond at 25 or 55 as scheduled, but normally around 2 minutes delay. The train to Maastricht leaves at 27 or 57, where I have only 2 minutes, or sometimes I cannot even see the train. This plan is too bad, where I have to take a substituted train to Maastricht Randwyke, which causes me 20 minutes in extra to get to Maastricht.

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The change of schedule is only this week, due to engineering works between Roermond and Weert. All trains from Maastricht and Heerlen end on platform 2 in Roermond and then return again.

The train to Maastricht leaves at .27 and .57 this week instead of .00 and .30, but from the opposite platform so you don’t need to use the tunnel (this week).

The train from Maastricht is scheduled to arrive at .03 and .33 this week instead of .01 and .31, which means that the connection time is 0 minutes now. I managed right now to make this connection (with a bit of luck), but 3 other passengers didn’t.

Next week it all should be normal again, which, I know, is tight. I can only advise you to always be in the front of the train.

It’s very disappointing that ProRail changed the stopping place for trains at platform 2. The 2-minute connection would be easier when the train would be standing opposite to the train to Nijmegen, which it did until 2 years ago. It now stops further back. There’s a long topic (in Dutch) about that already.

@Aurora NS perhaps you could add this feedback to the suggestion you’re sending? That making trains on platform 2 stop further to the b-side of the platform (as they did up to 2 years ago!) would make a huge difference for passengers that are changing to Venlo and Nijmegen.