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  • 12 June 2022
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Hello! How can I pay for the bill if in my account in “my expense overview” I see this “error retrieving data”?


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Hey Ilia Suslenko. Welcome to the NS Community.

If a payment couldn't be done automatically, we'll send you an e-mail or letter on how to still pay it manually. We can't help you any further here, I'd advise you to contact our Customer Service if you need more information.

I bought a train ticket to Amsterdam around 12 o'clock on June 24. But the payment was double-paid. Please process the refund as soon as possible.


Hello Kumjae Shin, 


I'm sorry that you've paid double. You can contact our customer service and they will see what they can do for you. 

Good evening, 

It is scheduled to pay my ns flex program tomorrow (11/07). At the moment I do not have any funds in my Dutch bank account and it will take me 2 days to transfer the money to the account. Is it possible to make a delayed payment and if so will the money be automatically withdrawn from the account or do I have to transfer it by myself.

hope you understand the situation. 
Kind regards,

Antigoni TODI 

It is not possible to push back the date of the debet. However, if we don't succeed to deduct it, you will receive an email reminder to pay and then you ccan pay it manually to us.

Hi. I have a problem with paying my NS. My bank is still under review and i have received an email from NS that i need to pay until august 7 but my bank said they will resolved it until august 10. What should i do?

Hi Maria310 and welcome at the NS Community!

If you just received your first payment reminder, you are fine. You will receive 2 more until NS will send your case to the collection agency. A delay of 3 days would perfectly fit in the second (or third) reminding period. If you already received the last reminder, we can even extend the period with a few days. I advise you to have your question checked at the NS Customer Service.