When NS will function correctly?

  • 4 June 2023
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What do I pay my money for? I pay more than 200€ a month for this company’s utter incompetence. Every two weeks, there is some sort of issue: trains don’t run because of system problems, somebody jumped on the rails and they need more than 5 hours to fix it, and they never replace trains with buses when something like this occurs. There are many more examples to this. I can’t believe that literally every month I have to take alternative routes and I find it incomprehensible that I have to pay much more than I already do as a result of your inefficiency and inability to function correctly. I WISH I lived in the same city I work in so I wouldn’t have to rely on your foolish business. 


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Hello tolmachewwa, welcome at our community,


I'm sorry you had this experience with us. Because of the amount, I suspect that you have a Traject Vrij subscription. May I ask on which route you make this daily journey?