Off-Peak Group Ticket, E-ticket and supplements

  • 9 April 2024
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I will be traveling with family from Rotterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Centraal during off-peak hours.  I have an NS account and the app on my phone.  The two family members traveling with me do not.  Is it possible to purchase the off-peak group ticket and load all three tickets on my phone?  If we can, what is the best way to pay the supplement required for the trip?  Can each person tap their credit card on the red supplement pole?  How is this going to be checked on the train?  I just don't want to miss a step somewhere!  Thank you.


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Hi ABaha and welcome to the NS Community! 

It is possible to have all the ticket on your phone. If you need to go through the gates, make sure you pass the phone to the next family member to go through the gate or scan the tickets one by one yourself and let them pass through. It is also possible for them to pay the supplement with their credit card or you can buy this online. When you are checked, you show the tickets on your phone and the credit cards can be scanned for the supplements.

Thank you so much for the very clear information!