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  • 29 April 2024
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Hi everyone, I thought my NS bill would be deducted directly from my account but it was not. And because I ignored the payment email, it is now past the time I can pay. What should I do?


Beste antwoord door Melissa NS 30 April 2024, 12:25

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Good afternoon joydeng, Welcome to the NS Community!

I would like to ask you to contact customer service via phone, chat, Facebook or X. My colleague can then check with you whether you can still pay the invoice through us.

If you have already received a message that the invoice has been forwarded to the collection agency, please contact Bos Incasso. They are now collecting the invoice for us. 

Contact - Over Bos Incasso - Bos Incasso.

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Hi joydeng,

After the first reminder you should also receive a letter, and another last reminder by e-mail. If you still don't pay after receiving those reminders the case is transferred to a collection agency. They will contact you for payment.