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Purchasing ticket with 40% discount in the NS mobile app

  • 1 October 2023
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I have yellow physical OV-chipkaart with activated NS Flex subscription (Dal Voordeel). With this subscription I can travel with 40% of discount during off-peak hours and weekend using physical yellow card. 

Mobile NS App also allows user purchase tickets. It is possible to purchase usual ticket and ticket with 40% discount. 

I cannot understand when I can purchase online tickets in the mobile app with 40%?
Can I purchase online tickets in the mobile app with 40% if I have NS Flex subscription, but I have no physical card (forget somewhere at home or work).

In which conditions it is possible to purchase these tickets with 40% in Mobile app?


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Subscription holders must always check in and out with the OV-chipcard that holds the subscription. That is the only way they can benefit from the discount their subscription gives them.

If you've forgotten your card, you should buy a regular, full-fare ticket and ask for a reimbursement of the price difference later. If you've lost your card, then you need to follow the instructions on this page to get a replacement card. If you wish to keep using the subscription while your new card hasn't arrived yet, you should read this page about Temporary tickets.

The tickets in the app may only be bought by people who travel together with a subscription holder (combined travel discount), never by subscription holders themselves.